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Pool Equipment Options

At Oceanscape Pools, we pride ourselves on our longstanding history with our reputable equipment suppliers. All of our installations include high-quality pool equipment to ensure your pool remains crystal clear and healthy all year round.

We will take the time to discuss your needs and create a custom-made equipment solution to cater to your lifestyle and budget.

Variable Speed Pumps

All of our concrete pools include variable speed pumps which are much more energy efficient than regular, single speed pumps. Running variable speed pumps over a longer time period will require much less energy than a single speed pump would need to produce the same results.

They are also highly effective at improving filtration, as the water moves at a slower speed for a longer time, meaning more debris is able to be filtered. Variable speed pumps are also much quieter than single speed pumps, as the pumps operate more slowly with less power.

This also leads to an increased lifespan of the product as the components are not working as hard as they would in a single speed pump.

Solar Pool Heating, Blankets and Rollers

Save yourself some money by heating your pool efficiently, with solar pool heating. These systems utilise the heat from the sun to increase the water temperature. Your pool water is pumped into an absorber (usually installed on the roof), where it is slowly heated and then returned back into your pool.

Another great way to effectively heat your pool is through the use of pool blankets and rollers. Once your pool has been heated, a pool blanket or roller will prevent the water from evaporating and maintain its current temperature much more efficiently.

We also install Remco deck covers, which can automatically retract and detract a solid cover that doubles as a pool blanket and a deck when the pool is not in use. With so many options available at Oceanscape Pools, you are sure to find a solution to suit your needs.

Water Purification Systems

Treating your water with an automatic sanitisation system is essential to creating a low maintenance, healthy pool. We have just introduced a brand new revolutionary product called Naked System.

This is a purifying system that utilises copper and silver to filter and sanitise your pool water as opposed to common pool chemicals such as chlorine and other minerals.

The Naked System allows you to enjoy a fresh water swimming experience which is much kinder on your skin, eyes and overall health and wellbeing. It can also save you a great deal of money that would usually be spent on expensive chemicals.

You pool will stay fresh and clean all year round, with minimal costs and reduced time spent on maintaining your water quality. To learn more about this innovative product, please contact us today.

Pool Filters

Pool filters are used to filter the water from your pool and remove any dirt and debris that may have built up over time. We supply and install sand and glass filters which rely on extremely fine particles to catch dirt and other contaminants before the water is re-directed back to your pool.

The filters also reduce the need for backwashing and expensive chemical treatments, saving you money whilst your pool stays cleaner for longer. We also offer environmentally friendly cartridge filters, designed for compactness, efficiency and ease.

Aside from saving a significant amount of water that would usually be required for backwashing a traditional sand filter, these units require very little maintenance. With both options available, we can help you decide what will be best for your concrete pool.


The future of swimming pools lies in automation. With advancements in automation technology, you can now control your water temperature, pumps speeds, chlorination, lighting and more, all through a simple app on your phone or smart device.

In fact, you can control these aspects anywhere, at any time, as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi. Coming home from work? Set the temperature before you leave the office so your pool is ready as soon as you’re home.

Forgot to turn off the lights? Simply open the app and switch them off with the click of a button. You can also remotely optimise your settings for efficiency, allowing you to save on energy costs.

In-floor cleaning

Worried about pool maintenance after your pool has been built? Opt for in-floor cleaning, relatively new technology that is designed to reduce maintenance and keep your pool water as clean as possible. It works by pumping filtered water through a valve to groups of nozzles that are situated in the floor of your pool.

These nozzles return water to the pool, as well as directing any built-up dirt and debris towards collection points to be removed. They also ensure even dispersing of chemicals, improving their efficiency.

In-floor cleaning can help you to save time and money on your cleaning, reducing the need for expensive chemicals and hours spent treating your pool water or fishing out debris.

Gas and Electric Pool Heaters

Pool heating is essential for those looking to extend their swimming season beyond the summer months. At Oceanscape Pools, we offer both inverter heat pumps and gas heaters, giving you flexibility over the type of heating you want for your Sydney concrete pool.

Our inverter heat pumps utilise electricity to heat the water, and are a great choice for those looking to consistently heat their pool at an affordable price.

Our gas heaters are available to those who are looking for on-demand, fast heating that can be used all year round for a smaller pool. However you’re looking to heat your pool, Oceanscape Pools has you covered.

Robotic Cleaners

If in-floor cleaning isn’t for you, select a robotic pool cleaner. These unique robots are designed to clean your pool water automatically, sucking up debris and scrubbing your pool walls, floor and waterline to leave you with crystal clear water to swim in.

Robotic pool cleaners are designed to significantly reduce the time and money spent on maintenance, providing you with clean water and requiring very little effort. Simply optimise your settings for your pool and turn it on.

The robot will automatically cover the entire surface area of your pool, ensuring that all areas are free of debris. Once the robot is full, simply remove it from the pool and empty the filter before replacing it.
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