Our Pools

Family pools

Our concrete family pools are designed with style and functionality in mind. A large family requires a pool with enough space for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re swimming laps, relaxing in the water or playing games with the kids, there’s enough room to move freely with no restrictions. There’s nothing better than sitting around the pool on a warm summer’s day, creating memories with the children as they play in the water. A family pool can also be a great place to teach your children to swim, without any distractions or hazards. Our family pools will often feature steps and seating, making it easy for everyone to access and relax in the pool, regardless of their age. Get swim ready this summer, with an Oceanscape family pool.

Lap pools

Lap pools are the perfect pool solution for those who have a compact backyard, or those who love to swim for exercise. A lap pools is essentially a longer, narrow pool which is ideal for swimming laps. They are intended to fit almost any narrow backyard space, with a functional yet highly attractive design that will transform your outdoor area into a swimming haven. As a custom concrete pool builder in Sydney, we personally design each of our lap pools to ensure that they will fit within your size requirements.

At Oceanscape, our lap pools are designed to be functional and durable, but stylish and elegant at the same time. Whilst they are great for swimming laps, they also function just as well as a pool to enjoy with the family or just simply relax in.

Plunge pools

If a home swimming pool is a dream of yours, but you have minimal backyard space to work with, a plunge pool could be the perfect option for you. As professional concrete pool builders in Sydney, we’ll custom design your plunge pool to ensure it fits within your space requirements and budget constraints. You can still relax and swim just as you would in a regular sized pool, just within a more compact design.

Plunge pools can make up for the lack of size with their depth, giving you a true swimming experience. They’re also great for saving money, requiring less water, less chemicals, and less electricity for heating. If you’re looking to swim for exercise, you can even add pool jets which will create a current for you to swim against.


A spa is a small, heated, in-ground pool that is designed for the purpose of relaxation and enjoyment. Our spas are often built-in conjunction with a traditional swimming pool, combining the benefits of both pool types into one stunning, seamless design. Due to their smaller size, a stand-alone spa is typically much less expensive to install and maintain when compared to the average swimming pool.

With Oceanscape, you have the ability to completely customise your spa. From the colour to the shape, orientation and added features, you can design a spa that is your own. We’re committed to providing our customers with a truly unique spa experience that family and friends will be sure to enjoy. Un-wind and relax with an Oceanscape spa.

Infinity pools

Our infinity pools are often custom-made to highlight a view from the pool. These uniquely designed pools feature one or more walls of the pool with a design that appears to vanish above the surface of the water. The wall is designed to sit just below the surface of the water, giving the appearance that there is no edge to the pool. The water is then able to freely flow from the pool over the wall, and is then re-circulated back into the pool through a pump system.

Infinity pools are considered as one of the most luxurious pool options, creating a stunning visual attraction that is sure to turn heads. They offer unparalleled style, opulence and beauty to any home. Build your infinity pool with a reputable concrete pool builder in Sydney. Build with Oceanscape.


Fibreglass pools are a great option if you are looking for a faster installation. We only install Australian made, high-quality fibreglass pools that come with lifetime surface warranties for your peace of mind. Traditionally fibreglass pools were considered to be fairly plain, but with the latest innovations in technology, you can now choose from a huge range of sizes, shapes and colours to customise a solution to suit your space.

If you’re after an easy-to-maintain, non-abrasive pool in Sydney or the South Coast that will look spectacular for years to come, consider a fibreglass pool installation today.

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